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A small heaven on earth

On the East side of Andros, north of the cosmopolitan Chora, lies a rare and protected wetland. Covering an area of about 18 acres, it is bordered by a river which flows down from the hill sides around Vourkoti village and ends its journey at Ahla beach. In this magical place where the river meets the sea that we created ONAR.



There is no superfluous luxury at the ONAR restaurant. But you can find all the ingredients for a complete and healthy diet and a big “family” table, set under the plane trees.

Our cooks prepare traditional recipes of Andros, using seasonal and local ingredients and products: well picked organic products from our farm, fresh fish from the fishermen of Andros, dairy products from the farms of the island, fresh eggs and freshly baked cakes from our neighbours, pure juices squeezed from fresh fruits. >All our products are certified by DIO (Organization for Control and Certification of Biological Products)

We meet every day round the big monastery table of ONAR to enjoy home-made recipes and everything nature has to offer in a genuine good cheer.



At ONAR we enjoy the goods nature has to offer. We have taken advantage of the space between the cottages in order to produce every sort of arable product used in our diet.

In our farm, besides the usual fruits and vegetables, we plant special seeds provided by old varieties. Having the Mediterranean climate as our ally, we produce organic products that contribute to a complete and balanced diet.

All our products are certified by DIO (Organisation for Control and Certification of Biological Products)

Every day, we choose and offer to our guests the very best of our products, taking pride that they achieve high quality standards.




Walk by the river lane and treat yourself to a magical walk in nature, surrounded by the lush greenery of the Ahla wetlands. Depending on the season, during your walk you will come across scented plants, giant plane trees, schinus, ferns, osiers, but also migratory birds, partridges, pheasants, hares, eels and turtles.


Put on a sea mask and discover the rich sea bed of the Ahla sea.


Experience the adventurous climbing to Vourkoti, the village with the highest altitude on the island. Stop awhile and enjoy a swim in one of the small lakes (vathres) formed by the river. There is plenty of wildlife to see, including partridges, hares and turtles.


Having ONAR as your starting point, plan one-day trips and discover the many faces of Andros. The cosmopolitan Chora with the neoclassical mansions and the Museum of Modern Art, Vori beach with the impressive ship wreckage, the Byzantine monasteries of Agios Nikolaos and Panahrantou, the arched bridges and the traditional watermills at Dipotamata, the captivating beaches of Andros and its traditional villages, are only some of the places worth visiting.

Children activities

Ask us about the hidden treasure games that we organize for our younger friends. Enjoy educational activities with an ecological character, inside the wetlands of Ahla.


Setting off from the Ahla beach, take a boat trip and discover the hidden secrets of the island with the longest coastline in Cyclades.

Visiting the farm

If you wish to get a closer view of the farm’s organic products, you can join us in the picking of fruits from the farm’s gardens and vegetable plots and come in touch with nature.


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